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Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 08:11 pm

Normally this would encompass alot of various musics, however the only thing that Jyuu listened to this year seemed to be Take That. (okay that's not the truth, there were a few artists that shined through, but the majority of her listening comprised itself of pretty boybandedness.) So she decided to offer up her top twenty picks of all of Take That's discography. Snag, grab and perhaps comment saying what you liked or perhaps didn't like. These are her personal favorites though and are in no way keeping with the opinions of other Take That Acolytes (hey, everyone is different amirite?)

Why Take That you wonder? Because they write very -real- love songs, that is why I love them. They are strong and earthy but with that whisper of whimsy. I don't get moved by love songs that easily, but I can honestly say that all of Take That's songs seem to be a love song to life, to hope, to patience and all of those things that make love worth it. Instead of overdoing it on the techno and synths, they really do it classy and implement the classics, violins, pianos and other such instruments that are not used so often in pop. They honestly win and I'm more then happy to share them with you...

So come on in and enjoy the ride.

Sitting here writing to my lover... last time we met, I wasn't so sure. )
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Thursday, December 31st, 2009 05:19 am
First item of note: K-ON season 2 everyone! Who is all excited about that? I know I am. Fweeeee.. yeah, that's what I'm talking about. (that just means more Mio!)

Secondly Shu pointed out that Gary Barlow's eyebrow raises everytime he hits a high point, that was during the earliest part of the concerts, to which point we both sat there giggling like idiots everytime his eyebrow rose, it was one of those moments that coloured the entire concert with us (as well as every "I'm a pritty ballerina" moment that Jason had.)

My new years resolution is to be more creative. This year I was in a rut that sort of lasted the entire year. (no icons, no fics.. nothing.) so that's it, I'm going to try to be creative and even if I have to just icon my brains out, I will. (Icons are my main thing though, but it's so hard when I never find pictures that just give me that DESIRE to icon)

Second new years resolution. Listen to more music that isn't Take That. No seriously I really love the band, I mean I adore the band.. but honestly I have close to 5,000 songs on my playlist and only 101 of them are Take That songs, that's like less then 3 percent that I'm actually listening to. (though to be fair, I listened to alot of Gary Go this year but 'ahem', can you say 'opening act'?) There is the new Duran Duran CD that is coming out shortly that I should be psyching up for, there are other albums that I really want too. It is because of Take That that I will not have a Music 2009 post and that is sad. (though I may upload my top 20 Take That songs.)

P.S ignore the song that's currently playing because honestly. NOT THE NEW YEARS YET.
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Saturday, December 26th, 2009 08:49 am

First of all I would like to say "Goodbye Santa Finland!" for while his icon will rest quite safely on my insanejournal account where I have an infinite ammount of icon space it seems, he is going to leave both Dreamwidth and LJ for the rest of the year. Goodbye Santa!Finlnd.. enjoy your salted fish! (I'll need another Hetalia icon to replace him methinks.. I'm thinking something awesome.. like Poland.

Secondly, I will get that Take That Present Live at the Circus review up and running, just need to watch it a few more times (because I'm greedy and I love my Take That). For all of you that have never heard of Take That or anything.. allow me to link you to a video of exactly WHY they are epic.

This is their song "The Garden" from their live Tour. (My soul and Jennie's soul would both be sold in order to get the chance to go to one of their concerts.. and oh yes, my cat's soul.)

[profile] chemcat WATCH THIS VIDEO! being a fellow Take-That-ite, you'd appreciate it!

All stuff aside, I got my Harajuku Lover's G perfume.. FOR TEN BUCKS. Despite everything, I do have to admit that the day after Christmas shopping is nice even though in other ways it sucked being that I work for Walmart. (10 dollars for a perfume that normally costs 45 dollars. ROCK ON!
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Saturday, October 10th, 2009 07:57 am


No really, you only NOW email me about the special fan package DVD and CD, the one with the illustrated book and such.. RIGHT AFTER I GET A FRIEND FROM ENGLAND TO PREORDER THE SHINIES FOR ME.

I am crying now because of my lack of glossy 40 page tour booklet. The tears are being cried right now and I'm really really really sad. (but hey, I suppose I do get the actual DVD and CD so I guess I cannot complain, too much).


And I will let Kurogane say what I do not have the courage to say..

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Friday, July 24th, 2009 07:27 pm
In June 2009, Gary Barlow announced that a sixth studio album is to be made in the autumn.

OH MY GOSH, YAY! Well I did note that when I was watching the itunes passes, it was said that they were doing a bit of lyrics writing. But damn, if I could have ANOTHER album to look forward to, that would just be killer awesome. (and coincidentally their The Circus album is one of the VERY FEW ALBUMS where I like EVER SINGLE SONG ON THE ALBUM. The other ones have been Duran Duran's latest two albums, Red Carpet Massacre and Astronaut.)

I want to say goody goody gumdrops, but I don't want to end up sounding like Shirley Temple or anything.

It definitely feels nice to know that I not only have Take That from The Circus Live to look forward to, but a new album as well!
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Sunday, July 19th, 2009 09:11 pm

(being that I can't download from the itunes store in britian, I had to search out all the Take That: The Circus LIVE itunes passes from youtube. And I've found them. I'm feeling in a benevolent mood so I'm going to share with all of the 'Thatters' that are not able to see this spectacular behind the scenes look at The Circus. (It builds up for the eventual DVD that I'm going to be purchasing.. since you know, my Beautiful World Live CD is a vertible treasure)

Gosh darn it, I love the boys.

Take That - The Circus LIVE is coming soon (itunes pass #1)
Take That - Welcome to the Show (itunes pass #2)
Take That - The Sunderland Spectacular (itunes pass #3)
Take That - The Coventry Spectacular (itunes pass #5) *four was skipped because it was just a live song, no real footage*
Take That - The Dublin Spectacular (itunes pass #6)
Take That - The Glasgow Spectacular (itunes pass #7)
*itunes pass #8 is another live recording of the song*
Take That - The Cardiff Spectacular (itunes pass #9)
Take That - The Manchester Spectacular (itunes pass #11)
Take That - The London Spectacular pt 1 (itunes pass #12)
Take That - The London Spectacular pt 2 (itunes pass #13)
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Tuesday, July 14th, 2009 05:08 pm
We open the Super Walmart tomorrow. I'm going to be in there putting the final tweaking touches on it. Really it's very exciting, despite the opening ceremony where the managers pretty much use it to fap to how wonderful they are (with the exception of the nightshift managers because honestly, WAY MORE HUMBLE). Despite the fact that management will be management, it's really awesome to think of the wonderful job all of us 'peons' did. We got that place shit-hot and looking good and I would like to (on behalf of the nightshift) take 100 percent of that credit, however I'm sure that Dayshift did maybe 10 percent of it. No matter, we still did a large portion of it.

There's a certain pride that one takes when they realize that yes, they can sort of make a difference especially when you are building something from the ground up. It was an invaluable expirience for me, remiscient of my time in the military when I got to help building from the ground up a base in the middle of Qatar. You might think that 'oh, it's just a store.. and that was a military base'. But there was more people there building up the military base, not to mention that it was never as polished and as refined as this store LOOKS.

The military base was rough.. but we'd polish it with use. This was a diamond that started off as a lump of coal and we had to polish it just so that it would be ready for eventual display.

Is it polished? Yeah, I think it is.

That's been my random musing on work.

And now for a feel good Take That Video.

The above video looks better on High Definition.

Which reminds me, another happy bit of note. They filmed Take That "The Circus" Tour and I don't know when it's coming out, but it WILL be coming out and you can guess who is going to buy that. (No, I bet you guys can't guess)
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Monday, June 15th, 2009 08:48 pm
It was funny though when I was drifting off to sleep early this morning a certain song came on my ipod called "In Our Bedroom After the War" and I was just struck with divine inspiration for a fic for Rose of Versailles though I'm going to watch it to the end before I even begin to write the fic, but there were certain lines just struck me and I think it's very much fitting of the entire series.

I've fallen in love with this series, really I have. Ah, Oscar/Andre.. how you fire my heart.

Now if only I could actually kick out some RoV icons damn it.

Also, Take That's new single is out, "Said it All" plus a song SUNG BY MARKIE entitled "Throwing Stones" which I want, but sadly I need to live in britian in order to order it on itunes :Shakes fist: Damn you, Itunes, damn you.
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Monday, June 8th, 2009 05:11 pm
I get to go over to the new store tonight!  Albeit it's a bit early but it's also very exciting because I'll get to see the inside of this wonder.   It also means I will be working with Cindy who is my most unfavorite person ever.  But you know, I can ignore her and as long as she doesn't pull the shit she did on friday night, I will be quite alright.  I mean god damn it, can someone be even more annoying then she is?  Oh wait, Charles. *for people who don't know who Charles is, be very glad for he was batshit insane and I'm damn glad that he's not on night shift anymore.. -he got fired due to the crazy-*

I tried scouring youtube for videos of the TT concert.  However they were all crappy and probably taken by dumbnut fangirls who are singing along with them and obscuring their voices and jumping up and down so that the guys are really a blur on the stage.   Not worth my time at all (one day Take That.. I will go to England and see you since you refuse to come here to the US.).  

Which reminds me, my Walmart husband, Johnny broke up with me saturday night.  Found another waifu, that's alright though because he told me that we'll always have something special, and then he gave me that cute little wink and I told him that his new waifu better treat him right or else I'll beat her up.  Then he held his hand to his heart and was like "that is why I married you in the first place", evidentally it is because I beat up girls.. or something, I'm not certain.    Sharon called me a whore  but I told her that it was only because Johnny looks like Mark Owen.   I told Johnny that he proabably wasn't girl enough for me anyways.  Luckily Denise offered to let me grope her breasts. (it's nice to know that I have a backup.)

My work is crazy, you'd think it wouldn't be.  But it seriously is.   James and I are going to start a cult, we are going to put newbies through bizarre initiation rituals like drinking fresca while standing on one foot... oh yes and giving us money because we're awesome.


I have so much that I have to do this weekend.   I have to start on my journal theme.  Luckily I don't have to think of songs to use because I have them all written down.
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Saturday, June 6th, 2009 09:02 pm
The Take That "The Circus" tour started in England today.   I am sad.

I have to wait for the concert DVD now.   Oh but they do "Hold Up a Light", I love that song.. but then all of the songs on the CD are my favorite. 

I cannot stress enough that "I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE CONCERT DVD".   Please Take That.. but it out quickly, because I'll be buying it.

Also, I heard that next year Mark Owen will be coming out with another solo CD.   SCORE!
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Thursday, May 21st, 2009 09:16 pm
Let's see, I have a list of things to say.

1.) I can't wait for volume 2 - 4 of Black Jack to get in.   There is also an anime.  That is definitely going to be on my list of things to watch. (Hurrah Black Jack!)

2.)  I've been compelled by Ike to download more of The Offspring, so I downloaded their Greatest Hits.

3.)  This weekend wasn't so bad.   Granted there was some asshattery on the house-selling market but otherwise, not too shabby.  All I did was rot my brain on lotro but hey that was ends to a means.   I also listened to some podcasts, because I wasn't really in the mood to listen to music. (I know, that's blasphemy)

4.)  I made a cute Jason Orange Icon which I post right here and right now.   I have a Mark icon so I really just needed a Jason one, taken from my favorite shot of him on the 'greatest day' music video.  (But don't you worry, I will have a Sad Clown Howard from 'said it all').   Which reminds me, depressing is the fact that Take That is going to be having a concert in 14 days.   And here I am crossing my fingers and begging the gods above that they'll make a dvd of that. (please please please)

5.)  I don't know why Leif Graie popped into my head, he just did.  I think it was because Simply Red came on my car mp3 player.   He has a tendancy toward being morose whenever he hears those songs.

6.)  Shu gets back and we start watching Lucky Star.   I don't know how far we made it, we might of been on episode 3, I don't know.  (Well I've seen it all, but Shu hasn't)

7.)  Is it true that the first episode of the Haruhi Suzumiya second season anime came out?   Because hot damn, I do not need more anime on my plate (but oh how I love Itsuki with every throbbing pulsing fibre of my heart.. and Yuki Nagato too)

8.)  June is coming up quick, I need to start thinking and compiling the information I need for my layout. (IJ users know I have an Ike Greil *fire emblem* layout, LJ users notice that I've never changed that Umeda Hokuto layout, and DW users will probably see a blank layout until June)  So that particuar character better get his ass in gear and start compiling songs for it.

Oiya!  List is too long, damn me.   Time to go upstairs and get ready for work!
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Tuesday, May 19th, 2009 08:06 pm

Jyuu's Post of Awesome, Cute and sometimes vaugely Disturbing!

Welcome to another episode of my 'made of awesome, win and/or disturbing'. Sometimes it's not just made of awesome and win, or even disturbing.. sometimes it's links that I think are cool and that I could potentially get some use out of so they might be recipes too. (I just found a few good ones that are probably worth sharing. Really a post like this is just anything that I feel like plopping down.

And joy! Today I have pictures too.

But first, on to the links.

A Recipe for Ginger Lemonade. Recently I've grown rather attached to lemonade since I've been trying to cut my whole reliance on corn syruped sodas and have been trying to find alternative drinks. I mean coke zero is okay, but the taste prevents me from drinking more then a bottle of it a day.

Take That - Greatest Day | This is awesome in my book, but only because this is the video where TAKE THAT GETS SUCKED UP INTO THE LIFESTREAM. Don't believe me, just watch to the end. Take That is becoming my favorite band seriously, this tells me alot. Also, Jason Orange is one of the few men that I've had sex dreams about (I think it's because of his resemblance to an old boyfriend in high school) -he is the one with the long sleeved button down shirt for reference-. Too bad it wasn't Mark Owen (the one in the hat), yeah despite my lesbian-state, I'd probably do him just to say I did. -It's the smile, Mark has the cutest smile- (okay, Jason isn't that bad either.) *Zack likes this song fittingly enough, probably his favorite song on their The Circus Album.*

Uhoh, I think I need to make more icons of Markie. :someone stop me, please :

And Now a Musical Number from Take That's Beautiful World Live at the O2 Arena Ahem, next link which also happens to be a Take That link. Sorry for all of you people who are not into Take That. Hey, music is music. This one I post because I own this DVD (It's certainly prized) and it's the ending of the Beautiful World Live DVD. And it actually happens to be my favorite song on their "Nobody Else" album, the last one before they took a 12 year hiatus. (Fun Note: Even though I don't endorse real person slash, at 3:37, Mark Owen grabs Gary Barlow's ass. -to which I'm like LOL!BUTTSECKS- Second best part of the DVD -the first was the lapdances in the second number-)

Two AMVs I enjoy that are thankfully NOT Take That related.

Gurren Lagann - Falling for the First Time. I'm an AMV puriest, meaning that I like my AMVs with absolutely no subtitles on the screen, the art of AMV making has been lost though there are a precious few treasures that rise up above the rest. I especially enjoy it for the cute Nia and Shimon moments. Excellent AMV, the music fits the story.. the actions going on the screen fits the lyrics at that moment. There needs to be more AMVs like this.

Princess Tutu - Hall om Mig. This was shared with me by my Imouto and I have to say that this AMV is done masterfully. Whereas the previous AMV relied on the lyrics to set the scene, this relies on the characters movements that match every pulse of the music (since this is a song in a different language) Right here people is the AMV that gives me shivers up and down my spine. For any one of your who are not aware of Princess Tutu, is about a bunch of fairytale characters kicking ass through Ballet. From the title you'd think it was some silly prissy shoujo show, but seriously.. it's more GAR then Kamina (from Gurren Lagann) on steroids.

Japanese Banquet of Cannibalism. This one files underneath the Vaugely Disturbing catagory. It reminds me of the news article that I was listening to on the various podcasts, it was the review actually of a japanese av film. What was it's title? Now this also isn't for the squeamish, it was called "Miki - Anus Intestinal Sea Cucumber Torture Party". Make of that what you will, I don't need to post links or anything, you should get the idea.

This is Aiike. He is the manliest elf you will ever meet, trufax. (He is one of my characters from the Lord of the Rings Online MMORPG. I love how he came out, he's just not girly. -He's based on Ike from Fire Emblem who is very very GAR-)

Now for some pictures... )

That is it, I hope you were decently amused and/or traumatized.

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Saturday, May 9th, 2009 04:39 pm
I am convinced that Take That may most likely music-videoize all of their songs on their "The Circus" Album because I woke up to their "sad clown 'Said It All'" music video (good old updates). Awww sad clowns.. I need a sad clown Howard icon because his sad clown is the saddest. (such a big frownie)

They've done "Greatest Day", "Up All Night", "The Garden" and now "Said It All". Good video, good video (My favorite though will be Greatest Day if only because in that music video all the members of Take That GET ABSORBED INTO THE LIFESTREAM! :DORK:) That my friend is what you get when you mix boy bands with fandoms.. you get crazy shit.

I love waking up to it being Christmas!