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July 24th, 2009

jyuukoi: soylent @ IJ (my own work) (Cecil - I dream in constellations..)
Friday, July 24th, 2009 07:35 am
What have I done my entire weekend? Let's see.. starting monday, I spent all of monday in bed. From 7:45 to 8:00 with the help of Nyquil. Then I got up, got ready for work, went in, worked eight hours, came back out tuesday morning, went to breakfast. Finally got into bed at 8:30 and then woke up once again at eight. I stayed up til perhaps 4:00 am, then went to sleep, got up at 2:00 pm and then crashed at 4 pm until around 8:00 pm, I got up.. talked with the twinstar and then after playing sims, I went to sleep and slept yet ANOTHER 12 fucking hours.

All of this on the aid of Nyquil. I consumed a whole bottle of Nyquil, and Nyquil makes me loopy, I get groggy and I forget things. Unfortunately I forgot something that was very important.

It was the day that Jennie was born.

So I just want to mention that I am glad that [personal profile] shukoi was born, because she is the perfect person for me. She puts up with me when I'm being an asshole, she RPs my raep-baits excellently (You know, Sigurd, Neil (Lockon), Andre and Leo.. oh yes and Angeal.. even though he has all of his eyes) and no one could be a better girlfriend then she is to someone who is like me.

I'm sorry for forgetting your birthday, Jennie. I know that my being sick is not a real good excuse and if I could of, I would of rescheduled being sick, however I don't think you can reschedule things like that. Anyways sorry.

Happy Birthday twinstar.
jyuukoi: soylent @ IJ (my own work) (Mark - And the music played..)
Friday, July 24th, 2009 07:27 pm
In June 2009, Gary Barlow announced that a sixth studio album is to be made in the autumn.

OH MY GOSH, YAY! Well I did note that when I was watching the itunes passes, it was said that they were doing a bit of lyrics writing. But damn, if I could have ANOTHER album to look forward to, that would just be killer awesome. (and coincidentally their The Circus album is one of the VERY FEW ALBUMS where I like EVER SINGLE SONG ON THE ALBUM. The other ones have been Duran Duran's latest two albums, Red Carpet Massacre and Astronaut.)

I want to say goody goody gumdrops, but I don't want to end up sounding like Shirley Temple or anything.

It definitely feels nice to know that I not only have Take That from The Circus Live to look forward to, but a new album as well!