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April 14th, 2009

jyuukoi: soylent @ IJ (my own work) (Default)
Tuesday, April 14th, 2009 08:06 pm
I will type up an introduction post. I promise. I've just gotten sucked into Lord of the Rings Online which will occupy my time for a little while.   But I promise, it will be forthcoming.   And a little explaination of my icon.  It's the one that is currently my favorite, from FFIV and involving Cecil and Kain.   I love how Kain is coveting the rainbow pudding in the picture, because hot damn.. that rainbow pudding -does- look pretty good, I'd eat it in a heartbeat.

I have an offbeat sense of humor.  I am not afraid to speak my opinion on anything or take a stand.   I was one of those people who left Livejournal once strikethrough occured and while I post maybe once every six months, I've kept my resolve to never really actively support a system that does not listen to it's userbase.    I've kept home at Greatestjournal (which imploded upon itself in a less-then-impressive frission.)

I enjoy yaoi, yuri and het, it all depends on the pairings.   I like guys that are manly and women that are kick-ass.    I grow bored with most pretty girl shows if there is no compelling plot (Maria-sama ga Miteru, Aria and Lucky Star are the exceptions to this rule).     I usually am also bored with stereotypical yaoi series where at least half the men look like girls, but I'm also amused by 'traps' if it's done well. (Maria+Holic is hilarious for that very reason).

Video games are also a passion of mine with the first video game that I was ever obsessed with was FFVI (FFIII when it came out for the super-nintendo).   It went into Xenogears (favorite RPG of all time) and then finally Final Fantasy Crisis Core which is my current video game obsession of choice.

When I obsess, it usually means that I'll icon the hell out of a series.    I have an icon journal over at Insanejournal entitled Soylent Icons and for anyone who gets that reference, I give you mad ammounts of cookies.  (Though Krelian's Lab Playdough Playset is a a joke betwixt myself and my homo life-partner, Shu involving what Krelian really does when he's bored in his lab)

I probably didn't give all that much away at all. 

Anyone have any questions?   This is a good first post I think, and for those people who don't know me that well, you can ask me anything.  My real name, things I like, favorite foods, fandoms, pairings.  You name it and I'll answer it.