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jyuukoi: soylent @ IJ (my own work) (Germania - I thought it was harvest)
Friday, January 8th, 2010 03:56 am
I just fell in love with a pairing.

I was making a Germania icon and while I was doing it, the Tori Amos song "Toast" came on, and then the last part made me listen, the lyrics somehow just clicked. It's a sad interpertation, considering that Germania and Rome sort of faded from being, their sons came into their own and they had to step aside and let 'them' do the growing.

"I thought I'd see again,
You say you might do.. maybe in a carving;
In a cathedral, somewhere in Barcelona."

So then I had to rewind it and listen to it.

I think that the best icons are made that way, when you are just making them and then the perfect song syncs up with whatever it is that you're making. For me it's a highly personal and almost transcendant expirience.
jyuukoi: soylent @ IJ (my own work) (Take That - You can dance if you like..)
Thursday, May 14th, 2009 01:40 am
Dear Russia-muse,

Since I keep getting random adds on LJ that sends spam to my email saying that "rectohka has added you', I am going to blame it all on you since SUPS is the main controlling force behind LJ now. H8.. go do something constructive, like molest Lithuania or something.. that is if Poland isn't there first, not like that stopped you anyways amirite?
No love, Jyuu.


Let's see, I went to the bar today and it was good. I mean I went with girls this time, and it allowed me time to observe the differences between going to bars with guys, and then with girls. It's vastly different. I mean god damn it, I think I was in so many random photographs that people are going to be like looking at those photos weeks from now and going, 'who the hell is that?". Oh well, it was fun.. they played some good music too. Luckily Matt was there and in the end we ended up talking about Urotsukidoji which is the most wrong and disgusting hentai on the face of the planet.    I did get up and dance, but I was horridly ashamed of it afterwards,

Though I did only have ONE drink.   A long island iced tea, and then I was able to drive home after midnight.   To which point I went to Glenn's and picked up stuff for a BLT which was the most awesome BLT on the face of the planet. (They also had pumpkin muffins).   I wanted to throw the fire alarm against the wall however finally I got it turned off (so Shu, if you heard the fire alarm go off.. that was just me ahahahaha.)

Now to respond to a RP post and then grind out some rep on LOTRO.   I can do it!
jyuukoi: soylent @ IJ (my own work) (Default)
Monday, May 11th, 2009 04:58 pm
Okay, I'm going to pound this out now.  per request of [personal profile] dancing_serpent I am going to go off on five subjects (of her choosing).  The first one might be rather long but since I know that there are Hetalia fans on my flist, hopefully people will not be too bored.    Of course I don't pretend to think I am very interesting, really I'm not in retrospect, perhaps it is because i'm a bit older.   I'm of the opinion that I'll post what I like and to hell with all the rest. (I'm also a bit up-front with opinions.. but conversely, you'll likely find no drama here when I state my opinion.. I can take people disagreeing with me).

Axis Powers Hetalia (I'm not sure if I spelled that right, but you know.. it doesn't matter to me and won't keep me up at night)

I got into this wonderful series via 4chan, because I saw a whole bunch of pictures of these country-tans and I was like "wow, what is this?".  Honestly, I'm a big history nut so it intriqued me, and the fact that the country's have been personified as real human beings really tickled my fancy.  Being me, I do whatever I do when fanart of a series intriques me.. I dip my toe in the waters.   I came out liking Hetalia quite a bit.    The first person I liked was America, the second was Russia, then I read Hungary and fell in love completely (an awesome character who is also a fujoshi, I AM THERE!).    I am not really that lenient with pairings in Hetalia, but like with most series, if I don't like a pairing.. I will not read it and I won't criticize anyone for their particular likes. :come on, people.. life is too short:.

A list of pairings I like from Hetalia (I can assure you, they are probably run of the mill)



Most people wonder why I have things listed like that (most people may go.. "Finland would NEVER top Sweden".  Well random fact about me, I don't believe in set top or bottom and I shy away from portraying the characters as such, anything that I like.. I'm a firm believer in switch. (And Hungary would so do Austria in the ass with the giant strap-on hidden underneath her bed, she's a fujoshi after all and he probably likes it :/shot:)   No really, I have my own reason for writing the pairings that way, something that only [personal profile] shukoi would understand (hers would be flipped from mine)

There, one subject talked about!   Hurrah for nation!slash.