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April 24th, 2009

jyuukoi: soylent @ IJ (my own work) (Zack - I've finally found that)
Friday, April 24th, 2009 06:52 am
Okay guys, I'm utterly notorious for this.   I will plot out journal posts in my head.   I think it's a good idea and I think I have something interesting to say (don't let me fool you, I really don't.   I'm lamers where that is concerned.  I'd just like to think I'm interesting.. really not so much).   Usually I'll go and think that perhaps I'll remember it, but sometimes if I hear a quote SO GOOD, I will write it down.   There are two quotes tonight and here I am typing up what I had written.    These quotes come from Anime World Order which I listen to while I do all the menial nightly tasks that are assigned to me.  (Oh ipod, I would be so lost without you)

On the subject of Fairy Tales...

Gerald Rathkolb: (in regards to Grimm's fairytales)  "Well I think that one o the lessons I learned was 'if you find a bucket that has got your family members chopped up in it, if you sew them back together and drain the blood back into their bodies.. they -might- survive"

:LOL:   Funny because that is the precise reason why I -loved- Grimm's fairytales.   they were very macabre and everything doesn't always end happily.   Many people say that this is probably why I am so well adjusted and don't expect happy endings, I say that this is probably the exact reason why I think that RG Veda was a 'heartwarming story of love and friendship'.

On the subject of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (and fashion)

Daryl Surat:  "Here is the thing you gotta understand about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.. it set the rule as far as power level versus fashion sense.  The rule is as follows;  If you can fight like a motherfucker, you can dress however you damn well please.  Because no one is gonna say anything.   What are they going to do?  Make fun of the fact that you're wearing pointy elf shows and have hearts on your kneecaps?"

My only statement in regards to that is.. if you like fighting series.  If you like fighting series that is OVER THE TOP (and fabulous).  Jojo's Bizarrre Adventure might be a nice fit.  Of course I've noticed that I'm wierd for fangirling alot of STRANGE things... guys who can make brains explode with a coke bottle cap is probably one of them.

I'm still not totally feeling better so I'm going to call it early and go to sleep now.   Have a good day everyone!

On an added note, maybe one day I'll stop falling asleep to Take That.  (That's my music du'jour.. I fangirl that band totally.)

jyuukoi: soylent @ IJ (my own work) (Default)
Friday, April 24th, 2009 07:36 pm
This meme was given to me by [personal profile] lian  or rather she picked the icons from over at my insanejournal account and I am going to describe them here.  (I do not have enough icons loaded over here to really do a sizeable meme really...it's all a matter of me not being able to decide really.)   I'm going to offer up the same thing as well.   If you comment and say that you want, I'll pick some icons that I'd really like you to describe for me in your journal.

I wasn't sure which Itachi icon she wanted me to describe so I'm going to pick my favorite in essence, the same as with my Eshild icon (since I know that I have at least 20 of her.)   So the ones that I have several of one, I'll pick my favorite.

   Itachi Uchiha from Naruto.   Now normally I would have distanced myself from Naruto but there are certain characters that I really really really really just love.  Itachi is one of them (Iruka another one).   Now because of that, you can say that my favorite ships are Iruka/Kakashi as well as Itachi/Kisame.  Well this one was part in a set with the matching one being Shukoi's whom is my significant other.  I like to do matching sets, and we have a few of them.. usually involving pairings that we RP.  The sets are made the same way so that in all essences they are -twins- of each other.  Don't ask how Jennie got to musing a giant shark man, I'm not too clear on that myself.    The song inspir' is "Wild" by Poe which is an awesome song and I think fits Itachi's personality which is probably why I chose it in the first place.

   Hands down I think this was my favorite icon to make ever, and it came out perfect.   First a little about the character of Eshild Barder.   She's from a manwha called simply Princess, and she is a princess, well not really a princes but the daughter of a high official in the kingdom of Ramira.   She's not very ladylike.  She's blunt, she's a bit haughty, she is thoroughly independant and she doesn't want to be the Queen of any country (which her father wants her to be as she was engaged to a man by the name of Biyon who was the Prince of the country).   He had his own love interest, and she had no real interest in him, who she did have an interest was his best friend, Ryan "Leo" Vaida who was Biyon's knight. (and who coincidentally taught her swords and fighting.. they have some particularly wonderful sword fights together.)    This is a picture of her in her armor which was on one of the splash pages of the manga, it was black and white but I coloured it and I thought that for the most part I did it justice.    Eshild ranks up there as my favorite female character ever.  (I didn't really go into the main plot line because it's intensive, being that the manga is 31 volumes and still running.  (If this came out in an anime, there is no one who'd be happier about it then I)

  This one actually has a link accompanying it which describes a majority of this icon Wooden Boat from the Take That Beautiful World Tour.   Recently I've really been into Take That, a british man band in essence.   Their music has evolved quite a bit from their 90s incarnation (which I followed as well).   They actually let Jason sing this time around and his voice is emmiently suited to the simple song.   When I first got my Beautiful World Live DVD, I went through and screencapped all the pictures that I thought would make good icons.  This screencap was one of them (which you can see in the video link enclosed.)     It can be said that I'd sufficiently give my soul for a chance to go to a Take That concert (unfortunately though, I don't live in the UK or Europe).   Damn those guys can throw a good show. (and for anyone interested *and so that I can raise Take That awarence, go to their website.. they have a damn good album o)ut.. you can check out music videos and even more of their Beautiful World Live videos at the Take That Official Website.     A little bit more about what inspired the icon, I just loved the message in the song, the fact that life happens and sometimes you just have to go out and meet it.  (Oh yes, and sometimes.. shitty things do happen, but everyone has the strength they need to carry on)

   Hiroki from Junjou Romantica.   He's the typical tsundere character, you know slightly mean on the outside yet with a soft little center that is usually easily moved by love.    I have a deep and utter fondness for the tsundere characters, at times I can be slightly tsundere. (Myself and Jennie are two tsundere's in action which you'd think wouldn't be able to work in theory but then ends up really managing to work to the surprise of all.. not to say there isn't those flare ups, there's enough of them).   I love him because he's a bit angry about everything, and I like the angry characters.. however he gets turned to mush by Nowaki.  What is there not to like about him?  The song really needs to be linked because anyone who doesn't know it, seriously SHOULD listen to it.   It's called Hitten by Those Dancing Days (I think the girl with the curls is like massively hot.)   The song though is like my official Hiroki song, all the lyrics are really spot on with him.  (the image I took for the icon was when Hiroki was contemplating the rate at which Nowaki just kept leaving him, hell.. I'd be frustrated too)

  Neuschwanstien Castle, a love from my youth way before anime fandom moved me or anything along those lines, this castle was absolutely it.   I wove stories around this castle, I read books about it.. it was a singular obsession for me.   I still love this castle to this day and I'd go to Bavaria to see it really just any day.    The song used was "Fortress Around Your Heart" by Sting, because that is also a very personal song for me.    I still get squee-y when I see this castle in pictures or anything and as it is the symbol of a fairytale castle, it certainly fits that image for me as well.


Well there you go, I just did alot of typing.